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lethargy, birthing, & rest

I sat and debated on whether I would share some audio my husband recorded of me giving birth to my last son, because I do believe it will give context to a lot of things. Not because the sound of me yelling brings me joy to share, but because just a Jesus taught in the form of parables. We as people need alliteration so that we can understand the context behind what God is doing. So much so, He gave us the beauty of an imagination so we could see the things He paints for us.
Which leads me into the point of this message.... Exhaustion

I have a lesson on sleep, rest, and recovery that will help break this down a little more, that’s for another date…but I did want to clarify something I've been seeing and experiencing myself in the spirit. There is an attack on the perception of sleep by way of lethargy and the misrepresentation of this season. So first, let us look at 2 variations of the word exhaust.

1. Exhaust: drain (someone) of their physical or mental resources; tire out.

*This is where you are using all your energy to push

2. Exhaustion: a state of extreme physical or mental fatigue.

*This is how you feel after the baby has come out

Now, why is this important?

Because many of us are birthing right now and birthing is not a simple task. It consists of many different compartments of action, but more than that It is EXHAUSTING. It takes every bit of your energy, strength, and effort into pushing through the pain, which is why the process is called active labor. Yet still, after birth you may be awake, possibly alert but really all you want to do the next few weeks is SLEEP AND HONESTLY ALL YOU NEED TO DO THE NEXT FEW WEEKS IS SLEEP.

When you are birthing you will be exhausted, which is why nesting comes before labor, so your body has the BOOST it needs to get everything in order before the big push or pushES.

So that last season where you were full of energy, creativity, flooded with ideas, and where God was screaming prepare..prepare..prepare.. was actually your season of nesting.

📍for business owners that looked like getting your business registered, business bank account, EIN number, DUNS number, payment processor, office, structure, and systems as well as your mission, identity, content, package, or offer established. Because you cannot have a business if it's not legally established.

📌for ministries that looked like and influx of teachings, prayer strategies, burdens for people groups, work, establishing legal documentation, resources, prayer, vision, separation, deliverance, and inner healing! Because you cannot work the ministry God placed inside of you if you're heart has not been purified.

✂️for the home that looked like schedules, routines, discipline, consistency, instruction, distinction at times, and establishment. Because you cannot have a successful business or ministry if your home is not in order.

If you have not completed or misunderstood this season it does not mean you haven’t done well, it just means when seated with governmental authority there is a host of legal infrastructure that must be the foundation and God was giving us time to get it right. That was your nesting season.

Because now the baby is either coming out or has just been birthed. And if you didn’t complete the preparation, you are equally exhausted because you’ve just pushed and are still having to prepare. God will give you the grace to do all things, but my point is don’t demonize the sleep, rest, recovery cycle, AND also don’t ignore the extreme burst of lethargy that are coming from the enemy either. We must be a discerning people in this hour to understand the waves, times, and seasons of God and how the enemy is trying to manipulate his flow. Now we know he’s always got something up his sleeve, but at the same time HE AINT GOT NOTHING ELSE.

Sleep is necessary. If you are in a season of dreaming, warfare, back to school, have a heavy work assignment, or doing something new it is normal for your body to need more sleep.

Rest is necessary. If you are moving more than usual or have more tasks lined up in the future, your mind and body need moments where you are just STILL.

Recovery is necessary. if you have gone through extreme warfare, your body has been ill, or you are introducing new physical routines. Your muscles need time to regenerate.

Now what is lethargy and what are some symptoms?


1: abnormal drowsiness 2: the quality or state of being lazy, sluggish, or indifferent

Things to note!!!

*There is no medical reason for your tiredness

* You are getting adequate rest and uninterrupted sleep

*You are not exerting more energy than usual

* You are taking vitamins and have a balanced diet

*You are drinking enough water

*If you are medicated, you are taking them as scheduled

*You are not battling allergies

Note: you can also battle with lethargy when fasting, your body can become depleted, tired, or energetic. It just depends on the individual process God is taking you through.

If you don't have any of these concerns, then you are likely dealing with a spirit of lethargy. It is an attack from the enemy, it is witchcraft, and it must come under subjugation to the LORD. MEANING IT MUST BOW. Command it to be overthrown by the spirit of God and consumed by fire. Do not pacify it with napping, energy drinks, or coffee. Be intentional about the time you are up so you can complete task before the heaviness comes. Don't give into fear because IT WILL PASS.

Pray this simple yet effective prayer!

Father, I repent for (insert whatever sins you know of) and any sins I have unknowingly been a partaker in that has grieved you and is giving the enemy the legal right to combat me by way of weariness, drowsiness, tiredness, and lethargy. I renounce affiliation with the sin, ungodly conduct, and any agreements I have made with it or the spirits that have been attacking me because of it. I bind, break, cancel, overthrow, usurp, veto, and dismantle every plot, plan, scheme, and announcement from the camp of the enemy over my life, my rest, my sleep, my sleep wake cycle, and anything you have commissioned me to do in this hour. I thank you in advance for protection, covering, grace, and peace. In Jesus name, Amen.

Now, all this said, I’m not just a mom. I’m a mother, prophet, and intercessor. I’ve labored 6 times and I’ve had several different types of pregnancies. Birthing and babies are my season and is the area God has given me much grace! I’ve birthed boys and girls. I’ve birthed under pressure and under peace. I’ve birthed with medication and natural. And most of my babies were born either on a military base, OR at a hospital with the name which the basis of this teaching will derive. There are some things I know, others I understand, and few I understand very well. This is one. My family is commissioned for this, and we understand battle fatigue and conditioning, but we also understanding more on balance. Listen to your body, the Holy Spirit, and be discerning of what voices are telling you because this is the most important season of your life. You will look back and see that this was your marked season.

God is able. ❤️

Prophetess Malecia

“Birth is the sudden opening of a window, through which you look out upon a studious prospect. For what has happened? A miracle. You have exchanged nothing for the possibility of everything.” – William MacNeile Dixon

Take a peek at a snippet of my birthing story here on tiktok!


For more understanding on spiritual warfare check out this guide!

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