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Virtual Communities

Be sure to check out our free vitual communites where we gather, encourage, pray, educate, and equipt one another on the various stages of healing in your journey. 

victims anonymous

Victims Anonymous is a safe space for those who have endured sexual abuse and are currently walking through the healing process from trauma. The purpose of this group is to restore you by affording you a shameless place to discuss your day to day struggles with sexual abuse. As a believer it has become very difficult to share struggles in the area of sexual trauma, abuse, and perversion without being labeled or branded. You are not alone and here you will find a community that will stand alongside you as you walk out your healing. Yes we believe in deliverance, yes we believe in healing, yes we believe in demons, but we do NOT believe in demonizing your process as you journey through transitions of healing.


We will have weekly round table discussions, group therapies, and Bible studies to help us keep our footing as we process pain and find victory in renewing the mind. This space is intimate, this space is for YOU.

infidelity and intercession

The spirit of divorce, poverty, and sexual perversion have come together to release a death assault on marriages. This group is for Christian couples who are fighting against infidelity in their marriage. Rest assured God is on your side and infidelity always has a root. We partner here to pray, educate, and encourage one another as we battle out each day.

Matt 19:6

So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.

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