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Year of She Arise

"Symptoms of a broken heart can be passed down from generation to generation, and they manifest themselves in different ways. We must get to a place where we understand the schemes of the enemy so we can allow God to repair the broken heart and move forward in what God has called us to do. As daughters of the Almighty, we no longer have time to waste. We have been called, commissioned, and purposed for a time such as this. It is time to get from under that weighted blanket and step out of your comfort zone. It is time to go back, heal those broken pieces, and come for everything that God has aligned for you. God has set things up for you to grasp, but you cannot see them because there are fragile pieces of brokenness dangling in your heart, blocking your view".



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Agape: Mending of a Broken Heart

Disappointments, setbacks, and misunderstanding are all a direct result of pain. I have found myself on occasion trying to dissect the purpose of God’s plan for pain, and there is so much I have discovered, but one thing stuck out to me for sure and that is pain management. If we look at Jesus’s life, it wasn't one without pain, shame, hurt, labor, disappointment, betrayal, or trials. It was burdensome to say the least and was an illustration that pain is a messenger on this journey throughout life. So, as we explore this together, you will get a brief and basic introduction to pain management, why we endure heart aches, how to navigate heart breaks, grief, and how God’s word can help see you through this as well.

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