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Malecia Griffin

Malecia resides in San Antonio, Tx with her husband and children. She is an Army Veteran, Intercessor, and Homeschool Mother to her 6 children. Her passion is teaching and demonstrating healing from oppression by sharing her love for Jesus. She holds a B.A in business with a concentration in Healthcare Administration and is currently pursuing her graduate degree in psychology. Childhood for Malecia consisted of frequent travel which is where her ministry of transitions began. She was born and raised a military child and her travels in her youth is where she developed her multifaceted personality and diverse relationships.

Hi, I’m Malecia and I am a health coach that specializes in sexual abuse advocacy, inner healing, and childhood trauma. I assist women who have experienced heart wounds and sexual trauma in any capacity through various stages of their journey to healing.  I have walked the dark side of sexual trauma, have been dealt many blows to my heart, and know firsthand what it can do to you spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. My life, albeit many challenges is a demonstration of hope for all women who have faced the horrific effects of these traumas. Many of you have shied away from the freedom owed to you because you don’t feel safe, you want to protect your family, you're running from the pain, or you simply don’t believe you can have a life of freedom. I fully understand the implications of trauma, what it can do to you, how it can impact those around you, and what happens when left unhealed. It is my mission to bring as many women to this realization as I can.

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