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Hearing the voice of God!

Sometimes we like to over-complicate things, but truth be told there is no complicated way to hearing the voice of God. These days, or rather all days, society dictates what and how we perceive things, while also heavily influencing how we respond to those things. What happens when the world we live in over glamorizes everything? Well, it makes goals seem unattainable and that benefits no one, including *whispers “the ones who are glamorizing everything”. As always, we as believers have to be accountable for what we portray to our friends who may not quite know Jesus yet. If you want my honest thoughts, the church spends more time conforming to the world in an effort to not be like the world. Now that may seem like it did not make much sense so let me explain. Have you ever grown up in a toxic family and made declarations you would never be like such family, but instead find yourself mimicking the behaviors of the family members while attempting to place boundaries between you and the family?

Well, that is what this is like. When you spend so much time trying to stay away from a particular people or situation in an effort not to become like them you actually end up studying them. Though you may think your study demonstrates what not to do, it actually leads you right into adopting their behaviors. Why? Because where you place your mind the most, is what will be made to be so in your life. The scripture verifies this by saying “as a man thinketh, so is he”. We must stop being so focused on what others are doing and focus on what God is saying. When we realign our focus with God’s word, we will see the truth in all the things around us. Quite frankly, the truth is hearing God is happening more frequently than you may think. There is no secret recipe to hearing the voice of God, but there is a recipe. Reading his word daily plus talking to him consistently equals hearing Him accurately.

Now, let us dig in deeper into prayer for just a moment. I know we like to look at prayer as this grand experience full of extreme exerted effort, but really prayer is simply talking with God. Whether you are talking to Him about your day, family, relationships, career, things you want to do, your children or things that have been out of your control. The fact that you take time out of your schedule and give it back to Him by talking with Him pleases Him. This is also how your relationship is built, solidified, and grows. All this said, God loves you and He has grace for you. So even when you do not take time out of your day to spend with him, He is still waiting for you. The thing is though, when you refuse to take time out of your day, your relationship with God becomes a little distant. Think about your relationship with anyone, the more you communicate, the more time you spend together, the closer your bond grows.

This process is the same with your parents. If you grew up in a household where you rarely talked to your parents, then you understand there is a level of love that will always be there, but there is no closeness in the form of communication. The point is, though God knows you and everything about you, He needs to hear from you consistently and when this occurs you will be able to recognize His voice more clearly. Also, prayer is not one sided like people may think. Just because you cannot physically see God when you are speaking to Him, there is still an amazing exchange taking place. Prayer is multi-dimensional. When you release words to God, things begin to shift from His dimension as angels are dispatched on your behalf and the behalf of those you are praying for. There is simply more happening in your communications with God than your probably realize, but that is a deeper topic for another day. What I want you understand is time is you most valuable asset and the most precious thing you can give back to God.


Number one, you must pray. You must talk to God in order to hear God speak back to you.

Number two, you must listen. There are times where you simply sit and wait on God to speak to you.

Number three, you must not place God in a box. God can speak to you in a plethora of ways. Audibly, dreams, people, nature, a tv show, or a crumb on the floor. Find Him in all things.

Number four, you must have patience. God will never move outside His time. So, by attempting to make Him move at your pace, only inflicts worry and worry opens you up for anxiousness and stress. You cannot manipulate God, nor can you force his hand. So, you just have to be patient in how He may be processing you.

Number five, you must read your word. There is no way to understand the language of God if you are not reading the word of God. It is in your reading the word, that the holy spirit is activated inside of you and able to translate the word. It is in reading the word that you receive understanding of the word.

Use today to start fresh. At first it will seem as though you are squeezing God in, but as time goes on you will see, that it is everything else that you will have to find time for.

Use today to start fresh. At first it will seem as though you are squeezing God in, but as time goes on you will see, that it is everything else that you will have to find time for.


Hi, I'm Malecia,

A life management strategist and author. I am passionate about helping people trust God again through healing! Before you go feel free to check out my reading guide "Breaking Mental Barriers of Doubt". It was created to help those of you who feel like you are having trouble hearing God. I love listening to all God has to say at any given time and this is something we all have access to as well!



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