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Gold Leaf Academy
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What is Gold Leaf Academy

Gold Leaf Writing Academy was formulated and inspired by creatives. The two most common reasons for the lack of writers are the feelings of not being worthy enough to write and writers’ block. The truth is we need more Godly inspired pieces of literature in the world, and we need composers that will demonstrate His glory in the earth. Gold Leaf Writers Academy is here to break the notion that “everyone cannot write”. Yes, we are aware everyone is not a “writer”, but we believe just as God used Moses after speaking through a burning bush, He can use you as well.

Journal Your Journey

During this 5-week writing course, you will either learn or perfect the art of writing. Together we will break down mental barriers to writing. Oftentimes there is we draw a "blank" when sitting down to write OR we write so much we do not know where to begin when unveiling our stories. You will understand the DNA of writing, how writing is therapeutic, unveiling the chapters of your life, and you will complete the first five chapters in your story.

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A Workshop Designed for You

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