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Are you seeking direction, clarity, or maybe even purpose? 

I often talk about the importance of perspectives and perceptions! Did you know that your life circumstances have a direct impact on how you function in the world? Did you know how you function in the world is directly coorelated in how you communicate with God? Did you know relationships are key to having a healthy and successful life? 

The first relationship you must secure is the one with god!

The number 1 barrier to having a successful relationship with god is doubt!

You think you cannot hear Him, don't understand how He speaks to you, not sure if He hears your prayers, and even sometimes wonder if He is even real! 

Can i tell you that you are not alone? Can I also share with  you that He already knows? 

This is why this guide was created below. To assist those of you who may feel trapped or stagnant in this part of your journey. 

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